Project Ignite

Stadard Bank


The sheer scale of the logistical challenge facing South Africa’s Standard Bank when it tried to re-engineer its procurement function across 16 African countries ensured imaginative thinking was needed. The distances involved and the amount of locations that needed visiting meant Janine Hansby, head of RoA (Rest of Africa) procurement at Standard Bank and her team, spent much of their time travelling to and from destinations. This left them barely any time to actually oversee a transformation that was sorely required – multiple unsatisfactory audits in 2014 had described RoA procurement as being “an abject mess”, in the words of the bank’s nomination. But after the department reengineered procurement from a process-driven function to an outputs-driven consultancy style approach it is now is anticipating cost savings of R100m (£4.7m) in 2016.

Judges comments: “The team excellently identified the gaps in the procurement system in RoA and were able to develop strategies and solutions to close the gap.”

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