Recycling of Production Waste By Way of Job Creation

Graphic Communications Group


For Ghana’s artisans and female market sellers, a good part of their livelihood depends on what happens to waste materials from the country’s largest newspaper group, Graphic Communications Group. Numerous people reuse the waste materials, which are sold to them at low prices, saving the waste from the landfill site as well as generating income.

To enable savings to be passed on, procurement renegotiated input costs, which led to savings of $342,500 on paper, $37,800 on printing plates and around $11.600 in ink. Weekly sales of materials were carried out, with the option of discounts for buying in bulk. Transport was provided by the company for customers of recycled waste. Sales of certain kinds of production waste like empty ink drums and used printing plates increased by 21%

Judges comments: “This was a creative way of generating revenue to contribute to profitability through waste disposal.”


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