Spreading professionalism; The Kenyan "Whatsapp" initiative



Procurement professionals in Kenya have created their own professional learning and development platform to share expertise using the WhatsApp instant messaging tool. A WhatsApp group that was started by just ten Kenyan students at the end of 2014 to share professional knowledge and development about procurement has led to the creation of a project that now encompasses 600 people. The original group grew quickly and expanded so much that now it has spilled over into three national groups and eight regional groups covering various sub topics to get past WhatsApp’s own limits of 100 people in a group (recently expanded to 256). Supply chain knowledge was shared as members researched and presented findings to other members in open, scheduled WhatsApp discussions while information about job vacancies, internships were also shared. Experienced supply chain managers could link up with students to mentor them and transfer Knowledge.

Judges’ comments: “This use of technology to acquire and share knowledge in procurement and supply chain management is exciting.”

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